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Current Classes

The Music Project classes typically run for eight weeks and then have an eight week break. 


Our tentative 2020 schedule will be:

Class: February/March

Break: April/May

Class: June/July

Break: August/September

Class: October/November 

Break: December/January 2021


Additional information:
-During each session, classes are held one time per week for two hours. 

-Depending on the availability of local venues, the class will meet on either a Saturday or Sunday. 

-We accept DDA respite funding and charge $18.16 per hour of class. DDA is charged only for the time the student attends class.



Special Update - During the current state of emergency due to COVID-19, Bernadette is meeting with students individually via Facetime at a time agreeable to her and the student and their family. If DDA remote services are approved via the student’s caseworker the charge is the same per hour.

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